Draping from now, the 2000s and the 1500s



I wanted to get some inspiration and ideas for my new project. So I looked through some Atelie magazines, they are russian, im not sure if they exist in other countries too... Anyhow, this magazine is so genius, wish it existed in English, would be easier for me to read. The magazine contains pattern from garments today in garments from 500 years ago. Very interesting seeing the construction of those type of garments. Also the magazine contains the best pieces of designers, interesting new designers, fabrics, fashion history and even how to draw.

Shingo Sato, who is a couture designer who designs for private clients and teaches in both Milan and Tokyo, specializes in a design technique called TR. His work is really interesting and very inspirational. 

My biggest inspiration Alexander Mcqueen. 

Beautiful gown from Dior. Heavenly layering, imagne how many meters of fabric that is... Lucky rich designers who can afford that much fabric.

Some of Yves Saint Laurent work.

Translated from Russian: Second rococo fashion or the Empress Eugenie. Now how is this not inspiring, I could just stare at the details of these georgous gowns forever, wonder how the hell this work of art is even possible to make.

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