Greece 2014



Greece is absolutely my favorite place to go on vacation, when I need to just chill completely. I love the people there, the food and just the whole atmosphere is amazing. In the near future I want to find out more about this country and visit all the islands of beautiful Greece. 

Autumn vibes pt. 1


 Stella McCartney SS15
Look from The Row 2014 RTW fall collection
Anja Rubik Gets Cozy in Autumn Knitwear Looks for Vogue Paris by Lachlan Bailey

That last summer feel, I will remember it



I don't want to let go of summer. I will miss it. And already I am thinking about next summer and what I want to do then. Anyhow, this lovely scarf (it's actually not a skirt), gave me summer vibes and I matched with this purple sleeveless sweater thingy, and white heels. And I'm definitely saving this look for next summer.

0809/ knitted vintage Malene Birger dress



It's been a long time since I've blogged, but I want to start again! I have lots of projects going on right now and I also feel so inspired at the moment. I also have to start thinking about next year, hopefully I will start fashion design school. That would truly be a dream come true.... And even though it's my last year at school, I still have time for hobbies (sewing, drawing, blogging)... And my favorite season is finally here. Could things be any better?!

Vintage knitted dress /// Malene Birger
White shirt /// Second hand

School got me like...



This is my last year of high school, and I want to challenge myself to be more fashionable when I go to school. And not that kind of basic-most-girls-wear kind of fashion, but my kind of fashion. Usually I just wear something comfortable and warm, and don't really care how it looks, but not this year, this year it will be different!!!!

Some classic school inspiration... When looking at these photos I kind of wish we had school uniforms at our school. It's so cute.

Yeah and I challenge you guys too!

clean beauty; starter makeup
socks + keds (sneakers) + skirt + polo/top  (style)
these skirts.
Masculine/feminine #ZapposCouture

Soon great things are gonna happend | details



Detail shoots of from a outfit I haven't even posted yet. The golden hour is everything.

Fall means knitted | fall trend 2014



Acne Fall 2014 collection


Fall is my favorite season, despite the fact that fall means school, and school means depression. Haha, I love school. Anyway knitted stuff relates to fall. And I really want to try to knit something pretty, I would love to knit a sweater but I can bearly knit a scarf so that would be hard. But I might try, it would be really cool to create a sweater. 

Simple, black, white



Lately I have been quite the lazy blogger, just have a lot on my mind and a lot of thing to do. I can't belive it's august soon. Didn't the summer just start a like week ago?! Where did the time go? And the end of summer vaca equals a word that makes teenagers cry: school... I am kind of excited because it my last year and I just wanna finish, but also depressed because school means mental breakdowns and ton of pressure... Oh well, better enjoy the summer vaca, while it's still here.

Pant - secondhand
Shoes - ?
Top - selfmade

The dark midnight blue pant



Shirt and pant are made by me and the shoes are from nelly. I do know these pants are slighly too long for me but I kind of love it so... Wide leg pant will be a trend fall 2014, I am quite sure.

majestic and chic




Céline f/w 2012 X Daria Werbowy
Céline f/w 2012 X Daria Werbowy

Aymeline Valade backstage at Armani Privé, Fall/Winter 2012
Aymeline Valade backstage at Armani Privé, Fall/Winter 2012


current working on...



Currently I am doing two projects at once. Both are summer garments, so I really want to get them finished before autumn comes around. Also both of the garments are tops (one long sleeve and other short) made by white twill. I was thinking to have a summery, fun and just cute style to these shirts.

The short sleeve top that is under construction (picture on top) is just gonna be a simple shirt but I want to add some really cute bows on it, it will also have small interesting details in the sleeve area.

Now the long sleeve shirt is gonna have these beautiful roses on it. I am a little unsure of how it's gonna look exactly but hopefully it will look really nice. The fabric that I'm using for the roses is shiffon, I think it's the perfect fabric to make roses out of as it just looks so nice, I tried making roses with satin fabric but it didnt turn out so good... So I think I'll stick to shiffon instead. Click here for the tutorial of how to make the roses. (Now isn't this shiffon just fabric porn?! It certainly is to me, hahah)

The selfmade rib dress. Finsihed result



As the title says: this is the finished result. I am quite happy with this dress, I think it looks cool. And it took me forever to figure out what kind of embroidery I wanted on the dress... And then sew every palette also took some time... But now I am done and going to the next project of mine. (It involves flowers and bows)

Shoes are from Nelly (sold out)

The best of: July



Young And Beautiful also known as Jeune Et Jolie. I randomly found the trailer on youtube and had to see this movie. The movie is, briefly, about a 17 year old girl who becomes a prostitute, she meets men online and then meets them to have sex for exchange for money. I like movies that aren't about that tyical love crap, boy meets girl, boy saves girl, does everything for her bla bla bla... This is diffrent and I like it. 

I am a huge skins lover, and recently I found (HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS) out that there were new episodes showing what happend to some of the charathers from season 1&2 and 3&4 (their grown-up life). And in the first episode this song was playing and I really liked it.

Celines Fall Ready to wear 2014 has to be my favorite. I wasn't really impressed by the spring collection but this is amazing. I get so excited for fall just looking at this collection. The love the bags, the fur on the arms, the hemline is perfection and the color palette is perfect.

See the whole collection here.

Magnificant silk and wool-blend gown from Victoria Beckham. What a chic and timesless beautiful gown, it's seems so simple yet perfect. I'm in love.

you, my everything



Sunglasses - nelly
Choker - nelly
Gold Necklace - Borrowed from friend
Shirt - Also borrowed from a friend
Pants - Secondhand
Fur bag - Selfmade
Platform shoes - nelly

Draping from now, the 2000s and the 1500s



I wanted to get some inspiration and ideas for my new project. So I looked through some Atelie magazines, they are russian, im not sure if they exist in other countries too... Anyhow, this magazine is so genius, wish it existed in English, would be easier for me to read. The magazine contains pattern from garments today in garments from 500 years ago. Very interesting seeing the construction of those type of garments. Also the magazine contains the best pieces of designers, interesting new designers, fabrics, fashion history and even how to draw.

Shingo Sato, who is a couture designer who designs for private clients and teaches in both Milan and Tokyo, specializes in a design technique called TR. His work is really interesting and very inspirational. 

My biggest inspiration Alexander Mcqueen. 

Beautiful gown from Dior. Heavenly layering, imagne how many meters of fabric that is... Lucky rich designers who can afford that much fabric.

Some of Yves Saint Laurent work.

Translated from Russian: Second rococo fashion or the Empress Eugenie. Now how is this not inspiring, I could just stare at the details of these georgous gowns forever, wonder how the hell this work of art is even possible to make.

plaid skirt - jeans jacket - puma socks



Can't believe that half of the summer vacations are actually over and in about a month school will start again. That's pretty crazy. But I am actually very motivated to start school, it's my last year and I just want to get it done and move (to London and start at UAL).

Anyhow, my outfit. I was going for a simple sporty look, with the white plaid skirt and the white puma socks. The sleeves on the denim jacket are "fixed" by me. I only see now the one sleeve was curled up... Typical.

Denim jacket - Secondhand (diy sleeves)
White tank top - Nelly
Shirt - Selfmade
Socks - Puma

Rib dress and new fabric



Ribs drawing from Tumblr
Karlie Kloss for Numero

I recently finished my rib dress. And I am happy with it. It's a dress I could wear everywhere really, it's not too "bizarre". I will soon take outfit photos with it. Very excited to show you guys how it looks on me!

Furthermore, I have also purchased a new really nice fabric. It's really hard, witch I like a lot, like a table cloth... But it drapes so well, and has that Jazzberry or even Maroon kind of color witch I really like.

What I regret now is that I only bought 1 meter, that will not be enough for a dress. But oh well, I'll just have to figure something else out to use the fabric for...

Fall 2014 couture favorites... and not so favorite



... so far. I found Chanel the usual,  (OBS: I'm being brutally honest hear, but I doubt Karl Lagerfeld or any other highly respektive designer will ever read this so fuck it) the models looked very short on the runway photos, I don't know if it was the flats or the camera angle or whatever but these models kind of looked like midgets... But still of course the detailing and couture work was worth a million bux. No doubt about that.

Valentino, classic, beautiful. Christian Dior, also very classic and beautiful. Jean Paul Gaultier, very dark, interesting, but did not catch my eye overall. Viktor & Rolf, red, everything is R.E.D...

Now my favorites. Masion Martin Margiela. Damn, this guy knows what he is doing. Not only does Kanye loves his designs I do too! (That must mean alot to him, who cares about Kanye...) This was really pretty! I felt like there where tree mini collections involved. And 80% was old curtains with pretty bling bling embellished on. And it's not a bad thing, it's very creative and cool!

Next is Giambattista Valli. This collection was just beautiful. To me it seems more like a spring collection with all the flowers but the fur made it more fallish I guess. The tailoring was amazing. The headpiece made it really classy. My favorite of all these looks has to be the striped black and white draped dress to the left. And also notice the necklace on the white dress, how beautiful is it?!

Photos from Giambattista Valli collection from here
Photos from Masion Martin Margiela collection from here

Striped shirt and PJ pants



Have you noticed the pajamas thing going on, Hannili Mustaparta did it... So I though it was cool. I found some old pajamas pants of mine and wore them like a proud trend follower even tho they where very thight around my thighs, I guess I have grown a little since I was 12... The shirt I am wearing was, on the other hand, too big and I had to tie it... Oh, well still like this look even tho I remind myself of these guys :)

Shirt- Old
Pajamas pant- Old
Platforms- Nelly (sold out)
Choker- Nelly