Garments from secondhand



These are some of the garments that I bought yesterday, the reason I'm not showing all the garments it's cuz most of them are black, white and a littel boring.

Leather Top, I really liked this cuz of the leather. Its so shinny. On the other side its a piece from a whore costume, but that can be fixed ;)

This Jacket I really like, it reminded me of Chanel ,kindoff. You know how Karl Lagerfield makes these tweed jackets, like from last years I think ?!


Pink flower dress, the fabric is gorgeous, I feel in love then I saw it. So summer-ish with the flower. Who would give away something so pretty? :)

The shoes I'm gonna show tomorrow  !!


3 kommentarer:

  1. You're right, the jacket really looks like one of Chanel's tweed jackets which I totally adore.
    & the leather top is to die for, I wish I had a similar one, too!

  2. Secondhand garments are seriously the best! You get a great deal and it's usually something unique!


  3. Jeg liker denne kjolen:)

    Kom og se meg i bloggen