black and white dress



 Yesterday I was looking through some boxes with fabric. First, I found this white cotton fabric. I descided I was going to make a dress. But after I made the front and the back piece I thought that the garment needed someting more to make it more "exciting", I then took some black pants that was ripped and made the side pieces out of them.

Drawing the pattern for the dress. There were only three pieces of pattern

Messy. Haha.

I watched I love watching it while im sewing, and the Bluemarine fashionshow was on. Just my luck! I love Bluemarine, Anna Molinari is one of my favorite designers. I just adore her garments.

-Leopard spots, Stephen Sprouse, and Andy Warhol gone Latin: Those were the unmissables at Anna Molinari's relentlessy cheerful Blumarine. Unless Azzedine Alaïa is seriously put out by the referencing of his seminal eighties leopard signatures—from top to toe, not forgetting the matching clutch—it was hard to imagine anyone feeling curmudgeonly about the sheer brazen up-ness of it all. If ragazzi just wanna have fun next fall, this is a company that will deliver it—in neons with crystal, and featuring lots of sexy "biker" and Balmain-esque jacket-and-flashy-jeans combos as further options.

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