Got that blog kick again



I suddenly got the blog kick again. I've had a break for some months now cuz I didn't know what to write but now I know ;) 

So here is some stuff I am gonna blog about, that is my hobbies, my obsessions and dreams.

Paris is my dream. I've never really been there, but I've seen this place on tv and seen pictures. And I think its 100000 times better in real life. Also Paris is a perfect place for fashion people, and since my dream is to study fahion design it would be perfect 

Bill Kaulitz. My obsession. I have loved Tokio Hotel for a long time. And im a big fan, I love there music so much, I cant describe it .... And Bill is the most beautiful boy ever <3 I admire him so much, cuz he is so special in sutch a gorgeous way.

This is my hobby. I love designing. I love to sew. I love to make pattern and I love to wear what I made. And then I grow up I'm pretty sure that Im gonna live on this.

Fashion is everything for me.

So I hope you can follow my blog? I follow you back! And thank you guys for good comments and visiting my blog :)


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