Nana (anime)



This is the first anime I've actully have read. And now im a and now I am completely obsessed, tomorrow im gonna go borrow Nana 2. Im just so excited!!!

So Nana is like two totaly different girls, Nana Komatsu is like a blond cutie pie that falls in love constantly.She has a previous relationship with a married man, after the relationship, she is heart broken, but then she meets Shouji (and just wanna be friends but it does not end up like that....) And in the now shes soon moving to Tokyo.

Now Nana Osaki ,the other girl is a rock chick. She is a lead singer of a punk band named Blast. Her boyfriend Ren also plays in the band, but now he leaves the group to play in another band in Tokyo. So yeah, I am really excited to read the Nana part 2 <33

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  1. oh! I was about to read this!!!! But had no time unfortunately :<