desperate blogger. oui!



Im like so desp. I wanna have a awesome/good/c00l/pretty blog. Not this crap. So I have tried to find some helpful tips on google. Well, I know that you should write about something you love/like/know about. And that your text should be like exiting to read, not like boring stuff. I must say that writing is not my best quality. But I try...... Also it's a littel hard for me to write 'god texts' in English, cuz you know maybe it doesn't seam as 'smart' as I thought it would .... And I bet you know that Google Translate does a hell of a lot of mistakes.

Yeah so I have some prob's with the writing. Photo's. There not the best either. Cuz I have to take all (almost) of the photo's myself I, unfortunately I don't always have a helping hand around.

.... (complaining me)

But you know what? I will succeed if I try hard enough ;) You know ..... never give up!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Don't worry! You'll have what you want.
    You can always write in your first language and do a little resume about it. It might be easier and people who dont understand perfectly your language can understand at least what the post is about...

  2. don't worry!!!! everyday a blog gets better and better! u just have to stick to it!!!!
    you have such a nice blog already!
    i'd loved it if we followed each other!!!!