The rad list



hm, thought that maybe I should do like some kind of list... I must admit I just love writing lists ^^, So I thought let it be a rad list. Rad, lovely stuff.

Nr.1: Girly like... Glitter, pink, flowers, lace, light colors, fairytales, fantasy, barbie.... yes and all of those things that us girl just adore. 

Doll cult top by Nikkilipstick ♥

Nr.2: The winter... I never thought I would say this but im actully quite excited, aspecially for the christmas ... Here where I live, in november the place turns into gorgeous winterland. It is so beautiful, very cold, but still very beautiful. But ofc the christmas is the best part of the winter :D That x-mas feeling<3333 


Nr.4: Shuffle.... It really was love at first sight. I saw these vidios on youtube and BAM, love!!! I determined to learn this, so I watched some tutorials and guess what? I learn some wicked moves, like the running man and the t-step ... Not that good yet, but im actully trying to practice everyday so I can get better :D Right now im working on glide,  kicks and spins.


That was all 4 to day<3 xoxo;****** and good night everyone :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. I'm also quite excited to christmas time although it's kinda early to be thinking about that...

  2. it´s so cool. Come to see mine.

  3. красивые фотки! мне тоже очень хочеться чтобы было Рождество!<3 тогда есть каникулы!<3 не только поэтому, но...:)