Leonardo Dicaprio



I was at the premiere of Titanic 3D the other day, which was amazing! It's my first time watching the whole movie. And It was pretty cool seeing it in 3D, very surreal. And the feeling after the movie was like sad but sort of in love (with Jack or with the real name Leonardo). Leonardo was really somethin when he was young ;) I see he only dates those blond tall super models ... which is kind of disappointing because I like see him as this prince that does everything for love, and has real love or nothing. But I guess I mix him in his roles and in actual reality.

But anyway he was HOT! 

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  1. gushing. Fabulous post, love. Thanks so much for sharing. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my shoot in front of the Father of the Bride house. xo


  2. I really want to try to see that before it leaves theatres!!

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  3. Yeah love titanic. He has changed indeed, use to have a huge crush on him as a teenager, haha!
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