Alexander MqQueen and I

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 I came across this documentary about Alexander McQueen, as I was watching something about haute couture on youtube. This man is truly a huge inspiration for me. He's a legand! No dout about that.

His whole story is so bittersweet, I feel. He did freakin 10 collections a year!!! That's insane how he managed to do that. In the this documentary his friend and family says that he was so sensitive about his work. He found inspiration in birds, how they where free and had no worries. In his childhood house the birds was flying outside his room. Where his passion was sitting there and drawing clothes inspired by these fascinating creatures.

Isabella reminds me of Lady Gaga (by the looks and whack clothes), living for fashion. She was the one who found Alexander, the one who believed in him. She wanted him to become successful and to have everything he wanted.

IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THIS VIDEO YET YOU SHOULD!!!!!!! (sorry for the caps look I'm just so enthusiastic after watching it) 

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