The Faults In Our Stars: and other love stories



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A few days ago I saw the movie we have all heard about, The Fault In Our Stars, I must say it was even better than expected. I loved the moral of the story, it made me think that anything can happen in life, and that you shouldn't take anything for granted. The story felt really real and the actors where also great. Anyhow, I'm a sucker for love stories and for love in general. Hahha, for example I'm obsessed with the movies: Romeo And Juliet 1968/1996, A Walk To Remember and The Notebook.

I think all almost girls want romance, thats why we love these stories so much. We want that special guy to do everything for us, give us the world, make our life better, show us how to live. And it seems guys want the total oppisite, just being single doing whatever they want, having "fun". My opinion is that all people should just live life and not get to obsessed with the whole love thing. Love will most likely come when you least expect it.

Enought love talk, have you seen the movie or make read the book? What did you think?

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  1. nop, nada de nada, buuuut i think im over the love stories and movies, they have had huge impact on post break-up depression, nowdays i choose not to poison myself more. I'm too gullible .

  2. I must admit that I want to avoid reading or watching this book and movie because there is so much hype about it. Nevertheless, the story looks good and I am tempted to watch it after downloading. Perhaps if I get good reviews about it from my friends, I will even make the effort to read it!

    xx Debbie